Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 update.                                        Date 15/12/2021

Caravan Motorhome Care Services are undertaking servicing and repairs following the latest goverment guidelines after entering the goverments plan B, to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

A risk assessment will be carried out over the telephone/email and again on the day of your appointment for the protection of you the customer and myself.


Whilst all precautions will be taken to minimise the spread of the virus no guarantees can be given due to the nature of the virus. 

1.  Social distancing in-line with the government and the W.H.O must be practiced at all times.

2.  PPE/ Masks,Gloves etc will be worn by myself at all times where possible.

3.  Arrangements for keys to be left in a safe and secure place and once finished returned to the safe/secure place as per arrangement.

4.  Your leiure vehicle will be sprayed internally with a sanitiser used currently by the automotive industry.

5.  All keys will be sanitised before handling by myself and you the customer. Caravan locking devices will also be subject to a procedure to sanitise with industry standard sanitisers.

6.  All paperwork will be left in the vehicle or if preferred can be sent digitally via email. 

7.  All correspondence can be made via social distancing measures or by telephone on the day.

8.  All payments can be made via BAC’s or cash.

9.  No extra charge for any of the added measures.

more updates will follow as they are annouced by the goverment